EXCLUSIVE: Expert reveals how cheating surges in warm weather

Beware of the CHEATWAVE: Sunny weather ‘triggers massive spike in cheating’ – and an expert claims it’s NOT just because we drink more…

  • On Britain’s hottest day of the year signups to a marital affairs website soared
  • This has been dubbed the ‘cheatwave’ – with sunny spells making people horny
  • The phenomenon is backed by research as experts claim UV boosts hormones

Loved-up Brits were today told to be wary of an unexpected consequence of the Caribbean-esque temperatures this weekend.

Sweltering weather triggers a phenomenon nicknamed the ‘cheatwave’, according to one expert who claims that sunny spells are likely to make people far hornier than usual.

When Britain faced its hottest day of the year on June 10, as the mercury hit 30°C, sign-ups to the nation’s leading marital affairs site spiked by 64 per cent.

The same thing also happened this time last year.

Jessica Leoni, at Illicitencounters.com, says hot weather is directly to blame.

On Britain’s hottest day of the year signups to a leading UK marital affairs website soared

‘It’s not just ice cream sales that skyrocket during a heatwave — it’s cheating too,’ she told MailOnline. 

‘The hot weather causing a spike in cheating is a pattern we often see on Illicit Encounters. 

‘During last year’s heatwave also in June, we saw a 54 per cent spike in traffic to our site.’

She added that the site — which claims to have more than one million UK members — has also spotted a correlation between ‘degrees and debauchery’, with cheating rates increasing as the mercury rises.

Ms Leoni said: ‘The novelty of prolonged periods of hot weather makes us more excited, and usual rules don’t apply.’

The sex expert’s beliefs follow previous research which shows that more time in the sun can actually boost your libido.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University suggest UV exposure can boost ‘sex-steroid’ hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, while increasing testosterone in men. 

They also add that attraction can increase in hotter temperatures too, with men and women far more willing to engage in sexual intercourse. 

The cheatwave: As it turns out, UV exposure can actually boost levels of sexual hormones while also increasing testosterone in men

But spending more time outdoors and being social is another driving factor.

This was the case for ‘Jess’, who wished to remain anonymous, as she kicked off her affair amidst the boiling weather.

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While this affair may have occurred in any season, the 37-year-old claims the heat sprung her into action.

‘At some point down the line I would have met someone else if I’m honest with myself, but the weather and wanting to be outdoors more and socialise and embrace life a bit more made it much easier to happen,’ she told MailOnline. 

‘As soon as the sun comes out, I do feel like I’m a different person. I love the summer.

‘The vibe of drinks in the sun or being able to dress summery and get my legs out. I guess it makes me feel better and more confident and a bit more liberal. 

‘So, it’s those sort of things that made it more likely for me to meet someone else I’d say.’

In a poll of 1,000 new Ilicit Encounters members, 71 per cent agreed the hot weather made them hornier.

Just under 70 per cent also admitted it was either partially or entirely their reason for signing up to the site, it was claimed. 

Ms Leoni said: ‘The UK is becoming more accustomed to hot spells, and there’s plenty of scientific literature on what this can mean for cheating.

‘Take Daniel Kruger, for example. The evolutionary psychologist at the University of Michigan said the hot weather takes us back to being a kid and summer means no school, freedom, and fun? 

‘That attitude carries over into adulthood, leaving us with the sense that during these months, the usual rules don’t apply. 

‘Some people take this to mean that it’s okay to cheat once the hot weather rolls around. They think, “Oh, it’s just a summer fling”-as if normal couple behaviour is on hiatus.

‘Throw into the mix people being more social in summer, and the hotter the weather the less clothes you tend to wear, and we have the perfect storm for cheating.’


Loss of libido is a reduced sex drive.

Past research suggests it affects nearly half of all women at some point in their lives.

It is often linked to relationship issues, stress or tiredness, but could also indicate an underlying health problem.

Sex drives vary person-to-person with no libido being ‘normal’, however, if it is affecting your relationship, it may be worth seeking help from a GP or psychosexual therapist.

Common causes:

  • Relationship problems – such as becoming overly familiar with your partner,  poor communication or trust issues
  • Sexual problems – including erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness
  • Stress, anxiety or depression
  • Age – sex hormones fall during the menopause. Low libido can also occur due to the side effects of medication or mobility problems
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding – can cause changes in hormone levels, exhaustion or altered priorities as people focus on their child
  • Underlying health issues – such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes 
  • Medication – including antidepressants and drugs for high blood pressure
  • Alcohol and drugs 

Source: NHS Choices 

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