Feral hog labelled ‘fastest pig alive’ after subjecting police to days of hell

A feral hog has been labelled the “fastest pig alive” after evading police for a full week.

The strange situation happened in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States, where the troublemaking pig was causing trouble for locals in the area.

Apparently the “enormous” pig was seen sleeping under a trampoline, running around the area and was seen rooting through bings for food.

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Manheim Township Police Department officers failed to catch it for nearly a week, which saw officials called it the “fastest pig alive”.

The pig was eventually caught in someone's “partially fenced” garden – but not without a struggle and help from Lancaster Farm Sanctuary staff.

Having been chasing it for several days, they had now named it “Hamilton.”

A slightly comical spokesman for the MTPD said: “ A foot pursuit of the escaped swine ensued, and yes, we see the irony in three cops chasing a pig.

“As it turns out, Hamilton wasn't as tired as we thought because we're fairly certain he's the fastest pig alive.

“After nearly being struck by a passing Tesla, he made a break for the open parking lot along West St and into another fenced-in area…which happened to be the courtyard of Pediatric Specialty Care on Rider Ave.

“Great – an out-of-control farm animal in the play area of a Pediatric medical facility, what could go wrong?

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“Officers entered the facility courtyard and found no patients or staff outside, but we did see Hamilton, and this time, it was completely fenced”

After a 20-minute chase around the courtyard, Hamilton was caught by using a huge dog crate.

He was taken to a farm, where he will not live.

It was not made public how he ended up causing chaos or where he originally came from, but it all ended well as he'll now live in the sanctuary.

Lancaster Farm Sanctuary has said that it will post updates on Hamilton on its social media pages in the coming months.

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