‘Tic-tac UFO’ with ‘attachment at back’ spotted hovering above city in daylight

A video emerged showing a tic tac-shaped UFO with an object "attached" at the back of the craft in broad daylight.

UFO fans were fascinated about the sighting as it captured a clear elongated object hovering in the sky.

The incident, spotted by a local resident in New Mexico of southwestern US, took place on Friday, June 16.

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Conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring shared the footage on YouTube channel, UFO Sightings Daily, showing a shiny object moving steadily in the blue sky.

The unknown craft hovers above the cloud and heads towards the right of the screen.

As the eyewitness zooms in, it reveals two blurry white "dots" on the top of the craft.

They told Scott: "Looks like a tic tac, something is attached to the top and rear of the object.

"It flew into the clouds and brightened up as it disappeared in the cloud cover."

The footage, which appeared to be taken on a drone, ends when the unmanned aerial vehicle drops to the ground.

Fans couldn't figure out what exactly the UFO is, but one spotted: "We even get to see the distortion of light caused by the gravity anomaly."

"It looks liek a segmented glowing cylinder with large amorphous spheres attached or holding on for the ride. Great capture!" a second penned.

And a third added: "It looks like cyclinder shape half-way through the recording. Two huge lights come blocking the cyclinder briefly.

"What that peculiar sound, was it coming from above as the craft was moving through the sky?"

But others brushed off the UFO speculations and suggested it's likely to be a plane.

A person wrote: "Flies like an airplane."

"Airplane for sure," a second echoed and a third said: "It seems like a drone, man, don't get alarmed."

Last week, former US intelligence officer David Grusch made major claims against the US government, alleging that it was hiding key information relating to extraterrestrial life.

He said that they had craft of non-human origin and claimed there had been malevolent contact.

And now US Senator Josh Hawley said his claims are not as far-fetched as some think.

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