‘Possessed’ victim’s attack on exorcist was so brutal he needed surgery on skull

A priest claims that he had his skull smashed in by a demon during a brutal exorcism.

Father Carlos Martins, of Detroit, Michigan, US, likened exorcising demons to going to war against the devil.

The Catholic priest claims that during one exorcism, he suffered such severe injuries that he required two surgeries to repair the damage.

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Speaking on the Reason & Theology podcast, he claimed it “is a common reality” for him.

Father Martin added: “I was once attacked in an exorcism and my skull was so damaged I needed two surgeries to repair that damage.

“You as The Exorcist, you are standing in the gap between the victim and the demon, right, you’re making yourself to be the target.

“We do everything we can to mitigate the possibility of the attack and to mitigate the effect of that attack but there is a vulnerability always.

“When we’re going in to face the devil we’re going into a war. That is the reality.

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“It is not my job as an exorcist to explain to the sceptic or prove to the sceptic that the devil exists. As a priest I preach God, I preach Jesus Christ, I don’t preach the devil.”

The priest previously claimed the iconic horror film The Exorcist is completely true – having experienced people "levitating" with his own eyes.

Father Carlos Martins also claimed the marksman-like aim of projectile-vomiting people possessed by demons is a regular occurrence.

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He went on to recall a particularly disgusting possession he was part of, where a demon forced its victim to eat human faeces from a toilet bowl.

In a previous interview, Father Martin said: "What Hollywood portrayed in the movie The Exorcist, levitations, vomiting, spitting at the priest with uncanny marksmanship, all of that has not been a movie for me. I have seen that first hand."

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