You can now get £50 off bladeless fans that keep you cool and purify the air

As the summer heat intensifies, trying to stay cool is on top of most people’s priority lists. 

The good news is that there are some brilliant fans out there to help you do just that – and you don’t need to break the bank. 

In fact, HSTV has launched a deal on the SmartAir Cool & Purify Bladeless Fan, which you can currently buy for £199.99, down from £249.99. 

However take note that you’ll need to order before June 18 2023 (Sunday), when the deal expires.

This dual-filtration Air Purifier and powerful cooling Bladeless Tower Fan is the perfect solution for clean, purified air. With 12 fan speeds, adjustable oscillation, an auto-shut off timer, purifying HEPA filtration and an ioniser, you can easily find the optimal setting for you.

Plus, you can choose from four ‘wind modes’: Day Wind, Sleep Wind, Baby Wind and Smartwind. The Day Wind has a wide range of speeds to choose from, while the Sleep Wind has lower speeds for a quieter night-time. The Baby Wind has quieter and lower speeds for a gentle cooling, and the Smartwind adjusts fan speed according to the temperature of the room.

You can feel the fresh air from up to six metres away, and the fan’s easy-to-use touch panel means you can adjust any of the settings within seconds. The adjustable auto-shut timer is also a great feature, allowing you to set the fan to switch off after you’ve drifted off.

Beat the heat this summer with the SmartAir Cool & Purify Bladeless Fan – the perfect combination of style, comfort and convenience.

Another clever feature is the adjustable auto-shut timer. For example if you like a gentle breeze to help you stay cool while you fall asleep but don’t want to run up a huge electricity bill all night, you can use the timer so the fan switches off long after you’ve drifted off. 

So, no need to sharpen those elbows and join the mad dash of Brits trying to get their hands on fans while temperatures rise – you can enjoy a cool breeze from the comfort of your own home! 

Buy the SmartAir Cool & Purify Bladeless Fan online today. 

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