Man who saw UFO crash in garden describes ‘terrifying’ alien’s exact appearance

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    A man who claimed aliens crash-landed in his backyard has given a detailed description of exactly what the "terrifying" creature looked like.

    In the early hours of May 1, a 911 dispatcher received a frantic call from a man in Las Vegas claiming something "100% not human" was roaming around his family's backyard.

    Just moments before, at around 11.50pm on April 30, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer's camera had captured a bright green light falling from the sky.

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    At the same time, the American Meteor Society received 21 reports of a fireball streaking across the sky over California, Nevada and Utah.

    The panicked 911 caller, named Angel, claims the bright light was a UFO that landed in his garden and has now come out to tell his side of the story.

    In a YouTube video titled "May 1 2023 I had aliens in my backyard part 1", Angel claimed he witnessed a "big impact" as a UFO crashed, before seeing a "tall, skinny" alien with "big eyes" and "weird looking feet".

    He started the video by saying: "This is not a conspiracy theory, I'm not making this story up for clout or fame, I just want to tell you what happened to me and my family and I know some people are not gonna believe this but each person is different."

    Angel explained he'd been in his backyard at around midnight and was fixing his truck with his brother when they heard something falling from the sky.

    Recalling the crash, he said: "I turn around and the only thing I see is a big light falling from the sky and moments after I feel a big impact and a bang, sort of like a big impact fall.

    "Me and my brother looked at each other and we were scared but when that impact happened it was sort of like a shockwave, like an out-of-body experience."

    Then, something strange happened. Angel said that while his vision was fine if he looked elsewhere, the whole backyard area became "blurry" as he heard "thousands of footsteps" around him.

    A couple of seconds later the blurriness disappeared and Angel got his first glimpse of the "creature" in his garden.

    "The only thing I can see in the backyard is a tall creature, probably around eight, 10 feet tall, very thin," he said.

    He then called his dad, who he said witnessed the same creature and shared a clip of the rest of his family near the backyard as he recalled how they all started "freaking out".

    Angel said he and his brother then went to retrieve his tools from the garden, where they got another look at the being.

    "My brother calls me and he told me shakingly 'Look behind the forklift'," Angel said.

    He continued: "Then I see the alien creature. When I saw it, it was a tall, skinny, lengthy creature. He was a grey, greenish colour and when I looked at it in the eyes my body just froze, like the same experience as having sleep paralysis."

    As he stood frozen in place, Angel began examining the alien's body.

    "I look at his whole body and he has weird-looking feet and a big face and eyes and you see a big mouth and I could hear his loud, deep, breathing and I could see his stomach moving," he said.

    Seconds later, Angel said the sleep paralysis-like spell was broken and he immediately began "running to the house", where he called 911.

    He then showed a screenshot of the recent 911 call log on his phone alongside audio of him telling the dispatcher: "There's like an eight-foot person beside it and another one's inside and it has big eyes and it's looking at us and it's still there."

    He added: "I swear to god this is not a joke this is actually real"

    While the family waited for cops to arrive, Angel claims they continued to hear "footsteps in the backyard area and a loud whispering."

    As they were in the living room, he revealed they also heard "footsteps on the roof".

    When officers arrived, Angel said they were "freaked out" by his eerie account, telling him they believed him because of the footage of the alleged crash caught by a fellow officer's bodycam just moments before the call.

    By the time police arrived the unknown beings appear to have disappeared, but cops did make one strange discovery.

    "They went into the backyard and one of the officers pointed out the floor and it was a perfect circle," Angel said.

    After finding no other clues an officer joked with Angel not to call them back if the creatures returned, telling him: "Deal with them yourself".

    But when the police left, Angel said the strange incident continued.

    He explained: "They left and we went inside the house and we started praying, as we were praying you could hear a loud human-like scream in the backyard."

    Police began investigating the bizarre incident but closed the case days later after finding nothing.

    Despite this, Angel is still adamant about what he witnessed.

    "I know it's hard to believe, but I saw what I saw," he said.

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