‘I spoke to my dead sister after she appeared to me as a cat in a dream’

Dreaming guide Tree Carr believes we can use our waking hours to help us access lucid dreams and connect to lost loved ones.

Earlier this week, Daily Star revealed boffins reckon ghosts are nothing more than sleep-induced hallucinations.

But the author of new book A Spell A Day, who says she connected with her dead sister in a dream, disagrees.

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Lucid dreaming is where you’re asleep but aware of dreaming and can even control some of what happens.

Tree says: “It can have profound effects – you wake up questioning the nature of reality.

“I slow my brainwaves and go into a trance state.

“You become aware you’re in the dream and have control over things like jumping and flying.”

Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt starred in Inception, a movie based on lucid dreaming, and the topic was also explored by Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in Vanilla Sky.

Tree adds: “We have biological reasons why we dream to process and regulate a person’s emotional body.

“A dream wants to guide you and lucid dreaming helps you see the bigger picture.

“If you wake up to life, you’re more able to wake in your dreams.

“Go for a walk with no goal and follow your intuition to engage with your environment.

“Nightmares are a prompt from your unconscious zone to look at an area which needs attention and regulation.”

A former horror film actress and backing singer for Adam Ant, Tree is now also a certified death doula – someone who assists in the dying process like a midwife does with birth.

She says: “My job can involve holding space for a person through a terminal illness, being at a deathbed and aftercare for the family.

“You can feel an energy shift in the room when a person is dying – it’s a heightened, loving feeling.”

When her sister died 10 months ago, Tree was forced to say goodbye on the phone as they were in different parts of the world.

But then, Tree says: “This cat jumped onto the bed – it was part of my dream zone.

“I knew it was my sister telepathically speaking to me saying, ‘I love you for ever. Keep my son in your life.’

“I sent a text to family members and next morning got a phone call from my younger sister – the time she passed was exactly the same time I ‘saw’ the cat.

“My younger sister said she had told her, ‘Go find Tree in your dreams.’

“To know there’s something beyond death makes life feel so magical.”

Tree’s new book A Spell A Day is out now, published by Watkins.

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