Sky TV users finally get blockbuster free channel upgrade this week

There’s good news for some Sky TV users with the premium telly firm finally adding a bunch of additional channels to its popular streaming devices. Until this week, those with a Sky Glass television or new Stream Box were blocked from accessing certain free-to-view services but that will all change from tomorrow, June 13.

The much-needed upgrade means anyone with these Sky gadgets in their homes will now gain access to seven additional channels which are all totally free to watch. This boost includes services such as GREAT! Romance, GREAT! Movies, GREAT! Action and GREAT! TV.

For those not aware, the GREAT! selection of channels includes movies, classic TV shows, comedy and entertainment. It’s long been available on Sky Q but not the firm’s latest devices which use a broadband connection to beam content to the big screen rather than a dish.

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Along with those blockbuster telly channels arriving, there’s also the launch of three kids’ services via the POP! platform. Aimed at younger viewers, POP! includes the POP channel along with Tiny Pop and Pop Max.

Shows include Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks, Miraculous and Pokémon content.

To get these additional channels, users shouldn’t need to touch their devices with the changes happening automatically overnight via a software update.

Never heard of Sky Glass or Sky Stream before?

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Both of these devices beam content to the big screen using the web which means there’s no fussy installation or engineers trudging through your living room. In fact, the Sky Stream set-top box arrives in the post with users able to simply plug things in and get an instant fix of entertainment.

Sky Glass is a little different with this gadget also including a TV screen and soundbar that’s built-in.

Along with Sky’s library of shows, the other bonus of Stream and Glass is that they include easy access to all of the most popular streaming apps such as Disney+, Netflix and more.

If you want to know more about these products we’ve got full details below.

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