Humans ‘set to live to 150 by 2033’ thanks to huge scientific breakthroughs

Healthy humans are on course to live to 150 within a decade for so thanks to modern medicine and mental positivity.

Professor Dr Ernst von Schwarz believes our species could be living to the ripe old age by 2050 if they have a reasonable quality of life.

He said: “I think people will live to 120 within the next five, seven or eight years. We will be able to prolong life.

“But we are talking about active people; physically active, mentally active, socially active people.

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“Beyond that, if you go further – another 10 years – you’ll probably reach 150 with active people.

“We have means in our hands. And very simple things such as diet, exercise, supplementation of deficiencies, and then with the regenerative medicine, which if we really follow through, people can become 150 years old.”

Specialist Schwarz, who has treated A list celebs including Sylvester Stallone. added: “We want to prolong what we call the health span; meaning productivity, quality of life, mobility, and that’s what we aim to do.”

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His new book. The Secrets of Immortality. showcases the latest progressive research advances in biotechnology and medicine, the prospect of living longer, increased longevity, increased health span, and even biological immortality, which has become more real than ever before.

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