AI-generated pics show stars as toddlers. Can you ID these babies?

EXCLUSIVE: Can YOU guess who these celebrity babies are? After THAT viral Elon Musk toddler image, AI-generated images show stars as youngsters – and some are wildly accurate

  • AI-images of big names as babies, like billionaire Musk, are going viral online   
  • How many of these celebrity toddlers do you recognize? Has the AI fooled you?
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Not every performer began their career as a child star — but thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) we can now all catch a glimpse of what their childhood fame might have looked like. has obtained photorealistic AI-generated images from Midjourney for seven of the world’s most recognizable celebrities.

It comes after an image of an infant Elon Musk — showing the billionaire as a toddler wearing brown overalls — gave the internet baby fever.

The adorable (or possibly disturbing?) photo is not from the billionaire’s own family archives, however. Like these celebrities, it too was made with the help of artificial intelligence.

Scroll down for the seven celebrities and their AI-generated toddler selves: 

The AI-made toddler version of Ed Sheeran has his soulful blue eye and his vibrant red hair. But is it a little too vibrant? The real Ed Sheeran (right), now 32 years old, looks no less sweet or innocent than his AI-simulated child self

Much like AI-baby Elon Musk, who sported adult Musk’s haircut and style, AI-baby Whoopi Goldberg has gone for the View host’s current eyeglasses and style. But at 67 years old, the real Whoopi (right) still has her childlike energy and charisma

Baby Johnny Depp, as imagined by AI Midjourney, has all the moody swagger and ruffian fashion sense of the real-world star of Pirates of the Caribbean: the AI took clear inspiration from 60-year-old Depp (right) and his penchant for patterned scarves, popped collars and tousled locks

Midjourney, created by scientists in Silicon Valley, was made available last summer allowing a host of people to get the AI to generate an image for any of their prompts.

AI-generated images have since taken over the internet in recent months, some sparking joy and others causing terror.

In March, a photo of Pope Francis donning a huge white puffer jacket immediately fooled the internet.

The image was outrageous enough to prompt Chrissy Teigen, 37, to address her 12.9million Twitter followers.

The model and TV personality wrote: ‘I thought the pope’s puffer jacket was real and didn’t give it a second thought. No way am I surviving the future of technology.’

Looking closer to her AI toddler’s era than her actual age, the 54-year-old, Friends star Jennifer Aniston (right) has made a business of maintaining that spark of youth as Chief Creative Officer of the supplement company Vital Proteins

Rap icon Tupac Shakur (right) was a child in 1970s Harlem, the son of activist Afeni Shakur Davis. But Midjourney’s baby Tupac raises an intriguing question: What would baby Tupac look like if he had been born in the 21st Century?

And in the same month, a gallery of snaps showing shocking scenes of Donald Trump being tackled to the ground by police officers emerged.

This was around the same time that the former president was due to be indicted over allegations he paid hush money to a porn star. However, the public knew something was off with the images.

Other AI-generated images, like one claiming an explosion occurred at the Pentagon last month, sparked concern over the tech.

The internet was, however, a big fan of the baby Elon Musk image. 

Twitter user Samantha Sherwin commented: ‘Aw, this is so cute. Is little Elon open [to] getting adopted?’

While another user posted: ‘Lol the real boss baby mystery.’

While the youthful, AI-made baby Lady Gaga still has the pop icon’s ‘poker face,’ the AI-generated photo app has given ‘Baby Gaga’ baby blue eyes. In reality, 37-year-old singer, songwriter and actress has hazel eyes

Young, AI-generated Will Smith looks like he could be a sibling to the film star and Jada Pinkett Smith’s own children. For fans who grew up seeing the 54-year-old performer on the NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the real Will Smith (right) will always be ageless

Last month, two-time Oscar-winner Tom Hanks made waves on a comedy podcast when said that he could easily live forever on the big screen with the help of artificial intelligence.

‘What is a bonafide possibility right now is — if I wanted to — I could get together and pitch a series of seven movies that would star me in them in which I would be 32 years old from now until kingdom come,’ said Hanks, 66, speaking with British comedian Adam Buxton.

If these Midjourney images are any indication, the same could be said for many of today’s best-known and most bankable performers.

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