Sky customers can get 50% off their bills for the year thanks to whopping deal

With the cost of living still soaring, people are looking for easy ways to save on their monthly bills.

If you're one of them, then Sky has got a corker of a deal for you.

The TV and internet giant is currently offering a discount of 50% off its monthly broadband packages until the end of the year. Check it out here

That means you can get your hands on Superfast Broadband for the price of £17 per month rather than the usual £34.50 fee.

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Meanwhile, Sky's 'Full Fibre' package Ultrafast Plus is on offer for £24 per month. This promises 500Mb/s downloads making it one of the fastest in the UK.

The monthly discount only lasts until the end of the year, at which point your fee will double in price.

You'll also be locked into an 18-month contract so make sure you're aware of the commitment you're making when you sign up.

But if you're already forking out £35 or so for your monthly broadband, it could be save you a bundle.

If you signed up today and started a subscription in June, you could save £119 over the course of the year.

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There's fortunately no set-up fee, and you'll be sent a swanky new Sky Hub router to connect to.

With the launch of Sky Stream, a fast internet connection is more important than ever as you now need to use your broadband rather than a satellite dish to watch Sky channels and other streaming services.

The company is obviously keen to get people on both services as it's offering Sky Stream, Netflix and a Superfast Broadband package for £13 for the first month followed by £39 per month afterwards.

Just scroll down on Sky's deals page to have a look for yourself.


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