Only people with high IQ will be able to solve this darts puzzle within seconds

It might take bullseye-vision and an Einstein level of intelligence to quickly spot the three red darts hidden within this picture of rows and rows of dartboards of different sizes.

Researchers suggest if you can spot the trio of red darts in under 15 seconds you could posses a genius level of IQ, reports the Nottingham Post.

Puzzle lovers have been scratching their heads over this particular optical illusion, which challenges you to find three specific coloured darts hidden in a picture full of dartboards.

It may sound easy, but the teaser is trickier than it first appears, as the dartboards are featured on a red background and already contain some red markings themselves – making the darts even harder to pick out and identify.

But if you have eagle-eyed vision and can spot the darts within 15 seconds, then you could be as bright as a button.

Have you found them yet? Let us give you a hint: the darts aren’t hidden in the background of the image, they’re all in plain sight on one of the dartboards.

Still not got it? Don’t worry, the picture has left thousands of people scratching their heads in confusion.

The answer to the puzzle can be found in the bottom right of the picture, and you can scroll down to see the solution for yourself.

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If you managed to find the darts in no time at all, it could be a sign of your extraordinary intelligence and memory, as studies have shown that the more you exercise your brain with tricky puzzles, the smarter you tend to be.

According to eye drops firm Clear Eyes, human vision takes in an enormous amount of information very quickly with it taking only 13 milliseconds for the eye to process an image.

The brain continues to process subconsciously after “seeing” the image. This means your eyes are constantly trying to figure out what they’re seeing and the brain is constantly telling them what to look at next.

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