Exorcist claims cartel bosses ‘put curses on drugs to make them more addictive’

A leading exorcist has claimed that drug cartel bosses are using Satanists to curse their drugs and make them “more addictive”.

Catholic Exorcist Father John believes that drugs, sex and heavy metal music are chinks in your spiritual armour, which fallen angels use to gain access to your soul.

“Just look at our society, totally wrapped up in the internet, totally wrapped up in inappropriate stuff in the internet, totally wrapped up that there is some hole in them that booze or drugs or sex is going to fill,” he told the Dad’s Doomsday Guide podcast.

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Father John says he firmly believes that demons use drugs and music, in particular heavy metal music, to gain access to their victims’ souls.

“I went to the international exorcist conference in Rome one time and they had a few cases of people who had been part of heavy metal and part of the drug cartel who admitted that they would bring in satanists to curse their music and the drugs to make it more addictive.

“So not only is a person dealing with a chemical dependency …but there's now actually a demon associated…”

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He even claimed to have come across cases of people claiming to have been "sexually attacked" while they're sleeping.

The experienced demon hunter explained: “There are sexual demons who attack people in their sleep.

He said that the demons – called incubus spirits or succubus spirits depending on whether they are male or female – target people who have made themselves vulnerable in some way.

“I've had people tell me that they felt violated in their bed, but usually that usually means they've been involved in something that invites the demon to attach himself," Father John continued.

“It's like pornography a person views that gets involved in it, and all of a sudden they can't quite turn it off …”

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The US-based exorcist isn’t the first person to make the link between Satanism and the drugs cartels.

Colombian police General Henry Sanabria claims that the country's drug cartels are in league with the devil, and that his officers use exorcism and the power of prayer to fight back

"The existence of the devil is certain. I have seen him. I have felt him,” the top cop told Semana magazine.

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Sanabria said that using crucifixes and other religious icons had helped Colombian police several times in their fight against the country’s powerful drug lords, and his office is decorated with numerous crosses and statues of the Virgin Mary.

One notable incident saw him defuse a potentially deadly riot with just a crucifix.

A small group of unarmed police officers had been surrounded by hundreds of violent protesters, he said.

Sanabria said that as soon as he arrived at the scene, he pulled out a crucifix: “[The rioters] picked up everything and left," he said. "The policemen looked at me. They didn't dare ask me what had happened."

In another case, he claimed, one of his officers had been able to kill a particularly dangerous criminal by "praying while shooting".

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