Exorcists may be ‘accidentally helping the Devil,’ a top pastor has warned

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    Exorcists may be accidentally helping the Devil, a pastor has warned.

    Dan Delzell said that real life demon-bashers may think they are driving out evil, but they could actually be “a useful weapon in Satan's arsenal”.

    He said priests who perform rituals to exorcise the Devil are “spreading doctrines of demons”. The preacher said the Devil might be “unfazed” by their work.

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    But – by taking on Satan in good versus evil battles – exorcists may be inadvertently boosting the Antichrist's influence. There are currently 400 registered exorcists in the world. In Italy – which alone boasts 240 – they struggle to deal with 500,000 requests a year.

    But Pastor Delzell, of the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Papillion, Nebraska, US, said their seemingly good deeds won't necessarily get them into heaven.

    He said they may be tempted to assume that doing helpful things for others justifies them before God and earns them entrance into Heaven.

    “But nothing could be further from the truth,” he added. “`No-one gets into Heaven by being an exorcist, but only by repenting of your sins and trusting Jesus to wash you clean with the blood he lovingly shed for you on the cross".

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    “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Devil is unfazed by some of the exorcisms that take place.

    “As much as Satan wants demons to possess as many people as possible the Devil’s higher priority is to maliciously and cleverly usher an even larger number of people to Hell.

    “If exorcisms are performed by someone who is also spreading doctrines of demons' then Satan may see it as a net gain.

    The exorcisms create the illusion that everything the exorcist believes and teaches must be true. But that is not always the case.

    “Attempting to cast out demons without Jesus living on the inside of you is a very dangerous undertaking”.

    Father Carlos Martins, who is regarded as one of the Catholic Church’s leading exorcists, claims demons are very real and because they naturally live outside space and time they have access to knowledge that the people they have possessed could never have.


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