Bloke claims drinking crocodile blood mixed with alcohol is secret to health

A businessman in Thailand claims to have found the secret to health – drinking crocodile blood mixed with alcohol.

Rojakorn Nanon starts and ends every day with a glass of the concoction, which he makes by mixing the reptile's blood with the white spirit lao khao.

The 52-year-old businessman from Na Tham Tai in the Trang province, said he used to feel tired and sick constantly but started downing the bizarre potion daily two months ago and now feels full of life, reports local news outlet KhaoSod.

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He believes the unappetising cocktail provides vital nutrients to the body, blood and nervous system and took inspiration for the strange treatment from "ancient wisdom".

Rojakorn gets his blood from a local farmer and breeder Wanchai Chaikerd, 53, who has run the freshwater crocodile farm for over five years.

He looks after a population of 120 crocs, which he claims makes it the biggest farm of its kind in the province.

The farmer is also a big proponent of the practice of drinking crocodile blood and claims the liquid gold has abundant health benefits, including helping circulation, strengthening red blood cells, and even curing infertility.

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But despite the animal's enormous size – a male freshwater crocodile can grow up to 3m in length – Wanchai says the reptiles don't have much blood.

One of the beasts contains only 100cc of blood, the equivalent of about one or two glasses.

After the pandemic, Wanchai said there was more and more demand for the rare blood and to make his supply go further he started mixing it with booze, selling the blend for around 200 to 300 baht (£4.67-£7.01) per glass.

The rest of the crocodile is also used – its meat is edible and its skin can be used to make, handbags, accessories, and even for medicinal purposes.

Wanchai said a whole crocodile can send for an eye-watering 10,000 baht (£233.59) while the beast can be sold without its scales for between 5,000 and 6,000 baht (£116.79-£140.15) depending on the animal's size.

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