iPhone users urged to install ’emergency’ new iOS update or risk being hacked

iPhone users are being instructed to install an emergency iOS which fixes dozens of security flaws—including three that known hackers are already exploiting.

Apple's most recent version of iOS 16.5 was released just a few days ago and, while it doesn't add a ton of new features, it fixes as many as 39 security flaws in the iPhone's system software.

According to Apple, there are several issues with the iPhone's WebKit system which leaves users at risk of having their sensitive data stolen.

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The tech giant has received reports that at least three of these issues have been 'actively exploited', meaning cybercriminals already know exactly how to use them against you.

Put simply, it's definitely not an update you should ignore and the longer you wait to install it, the more risk you could face.

Although the update mostly focuses on security fixes, the 800MB iOS 16.5 patch also adds a few new features to the iPhone including a Sport tab for Apple News.

You'll need to make sure your phone is plugged into a charger and connected to WiFi to ensure you don't run out of battery or data while installing the update.

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How to install iOS 16.5 on your iPhone or iPad

Typically, you should have received a pop-up notification on your device urging you to install iOS 16.5.

However, if you missed it or simply dismissed it, there is still a way to install it.

Just open your device's Settings app by tapping it on the Home Screen, then go to General > Software Update.

If your iPhone or iPad already has iOS 16.5 installed you won't have to take any action, but if you're missing it, you can download and install it by following the instructions on-screen.


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