Cyclist ‘lucky to be alive’ after crashing into bear and ‘pretty much kissed it’

A cyclist who got a little too close for comfort with a bear says he "pretty much kissed it" after the creature ran across a road.

Kevin Milner, 30, is thankful the bear did not kiss him back after he careered into the beast and shattered his shoulder blade near Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Canadian cyclist says he "flew through the air" after coming to a head with the woodland animal after he tried to cruise around it.

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Kevin fortunately found himself in hospital, a far better place to be than inside the stomach of a massive black bear.

Recalling the incident, Kevin said: "The second I made that decision, he decided to run and he ran right across the road, right in front of me and I smashed into him right behind his shoulder blade.

"I did a flip over him. I pretty much kissed the bear and then I guess I flew through the air."

Two fellow cyclists concerned for Kevin stopped off to check on him, but he found the bear returning right after, New York Post reported.

Recalling the words of one cyclist keeping him company at the time of his accident, Kevin said: "He was like, 'Oh s**t, dude. He’s back. The bear’s back'."

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Believing he was "going to die", Kevin seemed to be in safe hands after the bear, which he says was "built like a truck", was curious more than anything.

The cyclist continued: "He was kind of looking at me, really curious, kind of like, ‘What’s up with you?’” he recalled. “Then the bear just started eating grass. He pretty much just carried on with his day."

But a frustrating delay in medical attendance left Kevin borrowing an e-bike to ride toward the edge of the forest, despite spitting up blood and being unable to lift his leg.

Following on from his injuries, which he says felt as though "my torso went to the dentist", Kevin is "really, really glad to be alive" and said it was probably "safer just riding with cars".

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