You can now get ChatGPT AI for free on your iPhone by following these app steps

If you thought there wasn't already enough AI-generated content on the web, think again.

OpenAI has just released a free version of its controversial language AI tool ChatGPT on iPhone for the first time.

That means the tool is even more readily available to millions of people via their smartphones, making it easier than ever to create AI-generated human-like gobbledigook in seconds.

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The app contains the free version of ChatGPT and doesn't come with any ads, meaning it's just you and the supercomputer with no interruptions.

It has all the same features as the web version of ChatGPT, including offering detailed answers to any question you can think of in seconds, but without having to log onto your computer.

So, you could ask it to write pick-up lines for your Tinder profile or get it to quickly draft an email to your boss when you want to pull a sickie.

There's no knowing what havoc that easy access to ChatGPT will wreak, considering that it's already giving plenty of people headaches as is.

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How to get ChatGPT on iPhone

Installing ChatGPT on your iPhone is as easy as installing any other app.

All you need to do is head to the iPhone App Store and search for 'OpenAI ChatGPT'. It's currently ranked #1 on the App Store so it should be easy to find. (Or click this link)

Hit 'Download' or 'Install' and just wait a few moments. You might have to be connected to WiFi to do this, depending on your settings.

Just make sure the app author is listed as 'OpenAI' and that it's the official app before you download, as there have been dozens of copycat apps appearing which don't work as well or, in the worst case scenario, can actively infect your iPhone with spam or viruses.


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