‘Cosmic sperm’ recovered from ‘UFO landing sites’ goes missing

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    Cosmic sperm recovered from suspected UFO landing sites has gone missing, according to an award-winning investigator.

    Russian biologist Yuri Simakov found identical tiny "reddish" orbs at two places witnesses reported seeing alien craft land near Moscow and 1,750 miles away in Kazakhstan.

    He handed some of the samples to Emmy-winning US TV and radio broadcaster George Knapp, a UFO investigator, believing they were "some kind of biological agent" that could "sprout" into a "being or animal or plant".

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    Yuri, who called the spheres "cosmic sperm", asked George to have them analysed using Western technology.

    George took "half the world's known supply of cosmic sperm" back to the US for testing.

    Experts said the samples were not biological but had been manufactured with a "high heat instrument" and had a "really interesting" chemical composition.

    But George said boffins from America's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program "could not figure out who made them, why they were made, what their purpose was or how it ended up in the dirt at two alleged UFO landing sites so far apart".

    He sent them to experts at the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas.

    But they have since gone missing.

    George, 70, told the Weaponised podcast: "It has been four or five years and they still have not returned them to me.

    "All my inquiries to get them back have been unsuccessful.

    "Nobody knows what happened to them.

    "Somebody there took them.''

    George said the other UFO-related material he sent to the testing museum had been returned – but the "sperm" was missing.

    He said Yuri discovered them when he was sent to a suspected landing site near the Russian capital "looking for single cell organisms in the soil".

    "He found them there at that site. He found them again at a UFO landing site in Kazakhstan. The same kind of little spheres.

    "He called them cosmic sperm and he had them in a little Petri dish.

    "He had the theory that they would sprout, that they were some kind of biological agent, that they might sprout into either a being or animal or plant.

    "He gave me like half the world's known supply of cosmic sperm and said, 'take them back to the US, do some tests on them, let me know what you find out'."

    George said he'd had some analysed but they "remained a mystery" requiring further investigation.

    The Atomic Testing Museum has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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