AI-powered humanoids start work as security guards with face, arms and own mind

Humanoid robots powered by artificial intelligence have been employed to act as security guards.

The humanoid EVE Robot, which has autonomous human limbs and a digital human face has been working since the start of April, according to inventor company 1X.

In its new role, the humanoids have been monitoring androids that are being manufactured on industrial sites in Norway and Dallas.

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In the event of androids going wayward or out of control, the EVE Robot can step into the android’s body and take over through virtual reality.

The humanoids use a camera system with alarm sensors and motion sensors to ensure they’re monitoring their dependents.

The robotic guards also have working limbs which enables them to grab items and even open doors.

Although robots resembling humans have previously worked in security, the EVE robot is one of the first humanoid robots to do so, and is differentiated by its ability to move and grasp objects.

The move towards humanoid workers is the first step in a grand vision to introduce more artificial intelligence into other areas of society, such as health care and hospitality.

Bernt Bornich, CEO and founder of 1X, told The Daily Mail: “We have this grand vision, we want to solve the problem of the labour shortage. We have visibility on how to solve it – but we need a lot of data.

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“I think we will have a completely different society, where we don’t think about labour scarcity, where we have sustainable energy creation which can be converted into any product and service.”

Although tech developments in the lab do often take time on account of funding and research time, the increased public interest in artificial intelligence could mean developments arrive faster than expected for humanoids in the workplace.

“We could get there in five years, if we don’t hit any roadblocks, or within this decade. It’s going to be an exciting future,” said Bornich.

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