Sky Mobile and GiffGaff down: Anger as users left unable to make calls

Anyone using Sky Mobile or the GiffGaff network tonight might find they can’t make calls or send any text messages. The two popular platforms, which both piggyback on the O2 network, are down and not working right now.

It’s a major issue with it thought that gremlins are affecting large parts of the UK including areas such as London, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds.

Outage monitor Down Detector, which keeps a close eye on services across the world, is showing thousands of reports flooding in. At its peak, some 2,000 people were mentioning both the Sky and GiffGaff outages. This makes it a major problem. The nightmares appear to have begun at around 3.30pm and there’s no sign of the issue being fixed.

Many customers have now taken to social media platforms to moan about the loss of service with one unhappy user called Megan saying: “Sky mobile is absolutely shocking!! Service has gone down again, cannot make any calls!! Their data is awful as well, everything always takes forever to load. Seriously considering moving providers.”

And another, named John added: “I’m in Cheshire and I’ve had no calls or texts for about 2 hours. Apparently Sky, Giffgaff and others that are on O2 Network are also down.”

Sky has since responded to customer complaints with the network saying: “Our teams are working very hard to restore services as quickly as possible and we’ll keep you updated. Any loss of service can be discussed once the issue has been resolved.”

We’ll update this article when we hear more.


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