Free AI upgrade for Gmail users means you never have to write emails again

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    Gmail users are about to get a incredible free upgrade to their inboxes which means they won't have to write an email ever again.

    Google is planning to introduce a new AI-powered feature called Help Me Write.

    It uses data from your previous emails to draft automatic responses to new messages in your inbox with an astonishing degree of accuracy.

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    All you have to do is instruct the AI with a brief description and it will get to work on writing your emails without you having to lift a finger.

    Once the AI has created a draft, you can then perfect it using a drop-down menu which can make it more detailed, more formal, or shorter.

    It could be massively useful for writing those strongly-worded emails to companies asking them for a refund.

    The whole process takes just a few seconds so you don't ever have to spend hours agonising over a message again.

    The 'Help Me Write' tool is a massive upgrade to Gmail's existing 'Smart Reply' feature which gives users suggestions for words and sentences.

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    However, whereas Smart Reply only gives you a few stock suggestions, 'Help Me Write' uses ChatGPT-style AI to generate genuine conversational messages.

    You'll be able to use it simply by replying to an email, start typing, and tap the 'help me write' button.

    Then, just follow the steps on-screen.

    It's not clear when the feature is set to roll out but it could make a lot of people's lives easier, particularly in workplaces where they have to send a lot of emails.


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