Russian scientists found ‘cosmic sperm spheres’ at UFO crash sites, expert says

Russian scientists found tiny "spheres" like "cosmic sperm" at supposed UFO crash sites, a journalist has claimed.

George Knapp revealed that he had taken advantage of the confusion following the collapse of the Soviet Union to gain access to secret Russian military research into UFOs.

In some cases he even managed to obtain copies of classified documents relating to the phenomenon.

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George said that while officially, the Soviet government dismissed reports of alien visitations as “western propaganda,” behind the scenes there was a desperate attempt to gather as much information as possible about the unexplained phenomenon.

“We know that from Stalin on they wanted to duplicate the technology to figure out how UFOs worked,” George told Jeremy Corbell on the Weaponised podcast..

“We knew they weren't ours they knew they weren't Russian, they were from somewhere else… this is advanced technology and if they could figure it out and duplicate it they could beat us in terms of stealth.”

Dr Felix Ziegel, a Cosmology specialist at the Moscow Aviation Institute, became the co-founder of the first officially approved Soviet UFO research group in the 1960s.

George said Dr Ziegel and his team investigated dozens of reported UFO landing sites.

Biologist Yuri Simakov investigated the soil at alleged UFO landing sites in Russia, gathering data and conducting numerous tests.

One of those experiments involved flies. "We placed flies in a dish and put the dish over a landing site," Dr. Simakov said. ’’The flies went wild, buzzing and flying around."

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Most intriguing, however, was Simakov’s discovery of tiny, glass-like balls recovered from soil inside the “crop circle”-like landing sites.

“They may be the result of transmutation when oxygen was converted to sodium under the influence of the UFO,” Dr Simakov reportedly said.

Or, he added, “they may be containers to carry life from one planet to another”.

George explained: “The impressions they made of the soil were pretty dramatic and it doesn't look like anything that we fly, and he shared that with us he gave us all that information and then he had found these little orbs.

“These little tiny perfect spheres… they were opaque.

"They were sort of reddish orangish colour and he called them ‘cosmic sperm’ – he thought they were some kind of a biological mechanism, some kind of seeds, and he gave me half of the world's known supply of cosmic sperm and I brought them back”.

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He added that the researchers had detected anomalous readings inside the “landing circles” using different types of timepieces.

It was as if whatever propulsion system the extraterrestrial craft were using had in some way left some type of temporal distortion field behind.

The strange spheres were later sent to Dr Thomas Hartmann University of Nevada, who said he was was unable to find any biological traces within them.

However, George said they were never returned and his mysterious “cosmic sperm” still lies in storage at the University of Nevada.


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