Can you spot the mistake inside this football match?

In this brain teaser, there is a drawing of a football match in progress. There are five players plus a referee.

One of the players is about to take a strike as the others look on and the goalkeeper readies themselves to defend the shot.

The test is to work to spot the mistake in this otherwise innocent and simple scene.

Can you spot the error in under five seconds?

If you can’t, look closely at the card in the referee’s hand. It’s blue, the reason why this is wrong is because there is no blue card in football. In the game of football, there is normally a red and a yellow card.

The yellow card normally means a player or an official has been officially cautioned. The offending player’s details are taken as well as the time of the incident and the nature of the foul committed.

A red card means a player has been sent off; it is the most severe penalty that can be applied on the pitch. After they have been shown a red card, the player must leave the pitch and cannot be substituted.

In some cases, a red card may lead to a player being suspended for a number of matches. In the UK, a straight red card for dissent can lead to a two-match ban while a dangerous tackle or violent conduct can result in a three-match ban.

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