‘Book’ spotted on Mars causes boffins to question if ‘geeky’ life on Red Planet

Scientists have discovered what they believe is "geeky" life on Mars, with Curiosity's Mars rover capturing a close-up of a book-like rock.

That rock, Terra Firme, was photographed last month and boffins believe they have found a piece of the planet which looks "like the open pages of a book".

The Mars Rover has been on the surface of the planet for over a decade now, and snapped a photo of the book-like rock on day 3,800.

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It is a discovery which leaves scientists elated, with geeky signs of material present on the surface of Mars, with the Curiosity team joking their robot was doing some "light reading".

Their tweet following the discovery read: "Just doing some light reading.

"My team thinks this uniquely-shaped pebble resembles an open book with pages blowing in the wind. (Though at only an inch across, it would be a teeny tiny book…)"

Its similarity to that of some reading material is quite the treat for scientists, who have since reported the inch long rock has an "unusual shape" formed by an unspecified amount of erosion.

Their explanation read: "After eons of being sand-blasted by the wind, softer rock is carved away and the harder materials are all that’s left."

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Social comments soon flooded through, and users warned the Curiosity rover team of potential conspiracy theorists asking for further details in what the book may represent.

One user wrote: "This may not be, but it sure looks close. I didn’t think right angles occurred in nature."

Another added: "It certainly looks like a book. An open book. Did you find any message written for you there?"

A third user joked "cue the conspiracy theorists", while The Daily Star reported some other groundbreaking imagery from Mars, which documented its "most mysterious" moon for the first time.

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