Bloke builds motorbike powered on beer which can hit speeds of 150mph

A beer-powered motorcycle has been built by a revolutionary inventor with a history of creating wacky vehicles.

Ky Michaelson, from Michigan, US, has rendered his fans speechless on more than one occasion, making inventions like a rocket-powered toilet and a jet-powered coffee pot. And now, he's blown everyone away again with his latest contraption.

Working tirelessly in his Bloomington garage, the American has dispatched of industry norms to use a 14-gallon keg with a heating coil instead of a petrol-powered engine.

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Ky has managed to get the coil to heat the beer up to a whopping 148C which then converts into super-heated steam in the nozzles, becoming the force that gives the bike the capability to travel forwards.

In an interview with KMSP-TV, Ky said: "The price of gas is getting up there. I don't drink. I'm not a drinker, so I can't think of anything better than to use it for fuel."

And while some would worry that a motorbike running purely off beer wouldn't move particularly quickly, the inventor was happy to put their minds at rest.

He claims that the vehicle can reach a crazy speed of 150mph and can't wait to take it out to a drag strip for a spin.

As it turns out, according to Ky's beloved son Buddy, they have the capability to get the bike to run on whatever liquid they choose.

He said: "It could be any kind of liquid. It could be Red Bull. It could be Caribou Coffee. It could be anything. But beer. Why not?"

Having achieved so much together, the father and son team intend to eventually retire the bike in the family's 'Michaelson's at-home invention museum', which features an array of their best work.

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