Hidden tiger brain teaser leaves people stumped – only one percent can find it

Can you find the hidden tiger in this picture of a jungle? A TikToker has gone viral online after sharing the challenge. He claims only one percent can complete the game.

@meandbruh said: “If you spot the hidden tiger you’re a genius.

“Only one percent will get it.”

Have you spotted it yet? Most people first look to the forestry in search of a tiger blending in with the background.

But for those that look a little closer, you might notice a clue etched into the tiger itself. There is text hidden in the tiger’s fur, disguised as the animal’s black stripes.

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There is no second tiger or shape of a tiger in the trees. Instead, the words “the hidden tiger” are written on the beast itself.

If you spotted it, well done… according to the TikTok user, you are a “genius” sleuth.

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