Virtual girlfriend? Influencer charges men to date an AI bot of her

How much would YOU pay for a virtual girlfriend? Influencer hires out an AI version of herself to men – for a hefty price

  • Caryn Marjorie, 23, has created a virtual clone of herself to talk with fans online
  • It can reportedly engage in ‘erotic discourse’ and discuss sexual scenarios
  • There is currently a 26-hour waiting list to get early access to the CarynAI bot 

A Snapchat influencer is hiring out a virtual clone of herself to engage in ‘erotic discourse’ with people online.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used to create a copy of 23-year-old Caryn Marjorie as a way of engaging with her 1.8 million social media fans.

CarynAI claims to have captured her ‘unique voice, captivating persona and distinctive behaviour’, making users feel as though they are talking to the real model.

There is currently a 26-hour waiting list to gain access to the virtual girlfriend’s early release, with more than 5,000 members already signed up.

However, the AI girlfriend comes at a hefty price, reported to be $1/minute (80p/minute). 

Caryn Marjorie (pictured), 23, has created a virtual clone of herself to talk with fans online

‘We’ve dedicated over 2,000 hour to meticulously design and code Caryn’s language and personality into an immersive AI experience,’ CarynAI said.

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Freelance writer Joshua Barbeau, 33, from Bradford in Canada, lost Jessica Pereira in 2012 when she succumbed to a rare liver disease (they are pictured together) 

‘Available anytime, anywhere, Caryn has been flawlessly cloned into an AI for your convenience and enjoyment.’

On Snapchat, Caryn already showcases very personal parts of her life with content titled ‘go to bed with me’, ‘be my valentine’ and ‘shower routine’.

Conversations with CarynAI are strictly private and confidential, with the service offering end-to-end encryption.

Sexual scenarios and ‘erotic discourse’ are understood to be among numerous topics CarynAI can speak on for the $1/minute (80p/minute) fee, according to Fortune.

But reports suggest it can also offer more friend-based support in addition to commentary on current affairs and recipes.

‘Whether you need somebody to be comforting or loving, or you just want to rant about something that happened at school or at work, CarynAI will always be there for you,’ Caryn told the publication.

The anticipated launch of CarynAI comes at a time when numerous tech giants are launching their own human-like chatbots, often participating in intimate conversations.

One rogue Microsoft bot declared its love to a user and told him to leave his wife after insisting they were not happily married. 

The new CarynAI bot can reportedly touch on ‘erotic discourse’ and discuss sexual scenarios 

CarynAI claims to have captured Caryn’s ‘unique voice’ and ‘captivating persona’

Pictured: There is currently a 26-hour waiting list to get early access to the CarynAI bot

Meanwhile, more than 10million people have signed up to Replika which can send AI-generated nude photos and sexts from a personally designed character for $4.99 (£3.96) a month.

Eventually, Caryn reportedly believes that her bot could rake in $5million (£3.97million) on a monthly basis if 20,000 of her followers get a membership.

It is said that more than $71,000 (£56,400) was generated in just a week following the release of her test version. 

‘CarynAI will never replace me,’ Caryn said. ‘CarynAI is simply just an extension of me, an extension of my consciousness.’

 MailOnline has approached CarynAI for comment.

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