Huawei is back with unique P60 Pro that its Android rivals can’t match

It wasn’t that long ago that Huawei was one of the most popular smartphone makers in the UK. Devices such as the P30 Pro gave Samsung a serious run for their money but then the US trade ban came into force causing the Chinese firm a serious headache. A few devices have had low-key releases since the 2019 block but now it seems the company is ready to power back into Britain with it announcing the launch of its striking new P60 Pro.

This device, which will go on sale this week, offer buyers a very unique style. That’s due to a new process which makes sure every single phone that rolls off the production line looks totally unique. This Rococo Pearl appearance is like nothing we’ve seen before and certainly adds some bling to this new flagship.

Along with that distinctive appearance, the P60 Pro also features an all-new camera which Huawei reckons will shoot pin-sharp images during the day and night.

That’s all thanks to some clever new technology which boosts the light that hits the lens. Smart AI also makes sure the settings are switched automatically so no matter what is being shot – and how bad your photography skills are – the image should look like it’s been taken by a pro.

For those times when you feel miles from the action, a 100X zoom will help you get closer plus there’s a macro option for when you want to shoot something really near to the lens.

Finally, Huawei has included a new Super Moon mode. As the name suggests, this produces stunning images of the night sky (and moon) without needing any photographic expertise or additional equipment.

So that’s the rear of the phone but what about the front? The P60 Pro includes a pixel-packed Quad Curved display with an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate for silky-smooth visuals.

Head under the toughened glass hood, there’s a large battery that’s compatible with fast charging with the power brick included in the box.

Of course, there is one elephant in the room as the P60 Pro remains unable to access apps such as Google Photos, Google Maps, YouTube and the all-important Play Store. As we mentioned earlier, that’s due to the ongoing issues with the US which have been in place since 2019.

Huawei is confident that its own-brand App Gallery continues to improve and many popular services such as TikTok, Snapchat and Microsoft Word can all be installed via this platform. There are also ways to side-load applications (via APKs) which does mean most software can be found and installed – although that’s clearly not as simple as just heading to Google’s Play Store.

One final issue of buying the P60 Pro is that it doesn’t feature any access to speedy 5G data so those buying one will be stuck in the past and only able to download files via 4G.

If the thought of living life without Google and 5G doesn’t worry you then the P60 Pro goes on sale from today. It costs a pretty hefty £1,199.99 (£1,299.99 if you want the Rococo Pearl model).

Huawei is stocking the P60 Pro now with other retailers expected to follow later this month.

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