Nokia’s ‘indestructible’ new phone almost as tough as legendary 3310 ‘brick’

If there's one thing Nokia phones are known for, it's their durability.

That's mostly thanks to the Nokia '3310', the company's near-indestructible 'brick phone' first released in 2000.

These phones were notoriously tricky to break, and could withstand huge amounts of damage over the years—unlike today's swish new smartphones which seem to smash into tiny pieces from the slightest tap.

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But now Nokia is determined to change this with the new Nokia XR21, which promises to be one of the toughest smartphones on the market.

The Nokia XR21 promises to be drop, dust, and waterproof, and capable of surviving everything from a steep drop to blast from a fire hose.

It has survived rigorous testing including being submerged under water for up to an hour, and even promises a two-day battery life between charges.

Adam Ferguson, head of product marketing for Nokia, said: "This is the smartphone version of the famous near-indestructible Nokia 3310. Breaking your smartphone or experiencing low battery ahead of a long journey can leave you with 'phone-xiety'."

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The phone comes with a one-year screen replacement guarantee as well as some great typical smartphone features, including powerful stereo speakers, AI-powered camera tools, and comes in two colours.

You can pick it up for £499.99 in the UK right now- or on subscription.

So it could just be the perfect phone for those of you who often break your screens, but whether it will last as long as the Nokia 3310—which some people still use—is anyone's guess.


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