‘I asked AI to write a new national anthem for the Coronation and it got weird’

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  • There's no denying that the sound of God Save the King ringing out from a crowd of jubilant Brits is one for the ages.

    But as the UK moves into the 21st century, the Daily Star thought it might be time to have a crack at updating the lyrics – written in 1745 – for a modern British audience in 2023.

    And in the spirit of embracing the fact that times are a-changing, there was only one place to turn to get the writing done.

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    Our AI-powered friend and technological marvel ChatGPT.

    There are undoubtedly some strange moments in the finished product.

    "Send him Victorious" has been updated to a slightly more religious "Bless him with strength and might", which makes it sound like we're sending the King straight into battle.

    Charles III will also apparently be the man to lead the UK "in a world that needs what's right", which is giving us major Batman vibes if we're totally honest.

    "He's not the hero the UK deserves, but the one it needs right now".

    There's also a strange nod, perhaps, to his attempts to re-invigorate the Royal Family's popularity, when the second version talks about old Charlie "unifying without pause", during his time on the throne.

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    If the last few years of aggro between Prince Harry and William have given us anything to go by, our new King might have his work cut out for him there.

    So, the moment you've all been waiting for, here's the modern masterpiece in full:

    God save our gracious King!

    Long live our noble King!

    God save the King!

    Bless him with strength and might,

    As he leads with wisdom's light,

    In a world that needs what's right,

    God save the King!

    Thy choicest gifts we pray,

    Be poured on him each day,

    As he leads us on our way,

    God save the King!

    May he defend our laws,

    With justice as the cause,

    Unifying without pause,

    God save the King!

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    Now that we've got our AI-authored anthem for the 21st Century, there was only one logical question to ask ChatGPT next.

    Who should sing this absolute belter at the Coronation itself?

    Well, after clearing up exactly what tone and style the event was for my AI assistant – "a massive eclectic concert similar to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee which serves as a celebration of modern UK culture in the 21st century" – it did in fact offer up three options,

    The AI told me I should do my damned hardest to book one of three mega-stars.

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    "1. Ed Sheeran, known for his catchy pop hits and folk-inspired sound, could bring a vibrant and energetic performance to the stage, showcasing the diverse and contemporary musical landscape of the UK.

    "2. Dua Lipa, a chart-topping pop artist with a fusion of pop, dance, and R&B influences, could bring a dynamic and high-energy performance to the stage, reflecting the modern and diverse musical genres that are popular in the UK.

    "3. Sam Smith, with their soulful and emotive voice, could bring a powerful and moving performance to the stage, showcasing their unique vocal abilities and heartfelt performances that resonate with a wide audience."

    Well, it's an interesting line-up for sure, but it also felt more than a little bit like virtual fence-sitting to me., so I pressed ChatGPT to narrow down its answer and pick out a favourite.

    Its response? Well, there was clearly a favourite all along.

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    It said: "Dua Lipa could be a fitting choice to perform the updated national anthem at the coronation of King Charles.

    "Dua Lipa is known for her chart-topping pop hits, dynamic performances, and contemporary style that reflects the modern music scene in the UK.

    "Her energetic stage presence and diverse musical influences could bring a vibrant and engaging performance to the occasion, capturing the spirit of the modern era while honouring the tradition of the national anthem. "

    And there you have it folks! Our robot overlords would like Dua Lipa to belt out a song all about how great King Charles is come the Coronation concert on Sunday, May 7.

    Somehow, I can't see it happening.

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