Unlikely street brawl baffles cops called to break up feud between two animals

Police called to a “fight in progress” were faced not with warring drug-dealers or over-refreshed partygoers but two very angry goats that had “been fighting all weekend.”

The day-long rumble in Palatka, Florida, US, on Sunday, April 30, had spilled over into several gardens in the city some 60 miles south of Jacksonville.

Deputies from Putnam County Sheriff’s Office took both combatants into custody, but a photo from the scene shows the two suspects still eyeballing each other murderously even as they were led away by officers.

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Deputies had some fun with the story when they announced the arrest on Facebook: “The suspects were pretty maaaadd at one another and the fight escalated into the yards of nearby residences.

“Both were pretty hard-headed," the report continued, "but officers managed to separate, wrangle and bring them to the Putnam County Jail.”

An appeal to find the owner of the goats through Facebook yielded almost instant results.

“Y’all were pretty fast in letting the owner know where to find the goats,” a Facebook post by the sheriff’s office said. “We’ve made contact. Thanks for everyone who quickly shared and got the word out!”

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Some locals were disappointed that owner of the rowdy ruminants had been so quickly, with more than one person offering to post bail for them and take them home.

The Sheriff’s Office Facebook post collected some 500 other reactions and comments from delighted locals.

“At least it was a good ole street brawl. One on one, no weapons, head to head. They resisting (arrest),” posted Jenny Futch Brown.

“The funnier part is that this is actually true events,” Julie Bonham added.

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