Microsoft is finally fixing Windows 11’s biggest nightmare

After receiving countless complaints, Microsoft has finally decided to get rid of one of its most annoying features. Launched in October 2021, Windows 11 is the latest iteration of the popular operating system range and features major changes compared to its predecessor, Windows 10. While Windows 11 has become quite popular since its release, the software has been criticised for bombarding users with a never-ending stream of push notifications.

If you have already upgraded your laptop to Windows 11, you’ve likely been at least a little annoyed by this, as nearly every preloaded Windows app can send you a pop-up message.

The current solution to this problem – enabling the Focus Assist feature – is not perfect as although it drastically decreases the number of notifications you receive, you’ll also miss out on alerts that you do want.

If this issue has been ruining your experience with Windows 11 so far, don’t worry, as the most recent preview build available to Windows Insiders shows that fix could be coming.

Techradar reports that Microsoft will soon roll out a new “smart opt-out” feature, in which Windows 11 will allow you to disable notifications from certain apps.

However, the catch here is that you will only get this option if you haven’t used the app in a while, leaving only the notifications from your favourite sites.

The new “smart” feature also has added benefits. If you click on Do Not Disturb, apps can now ask you if you’d like to allow “important” notifications only, making sure that you do not miss anything urgent even when you want some peace and quiet.

This may signal that now is a good time to upgrade your software to Windows 11, particularly as Microsoft announced last week that its latest version of Windows 10 will be its last.

The Redmond company made the shock confirmation that the latest release of this software, called 22H2, will be the last and that means it’s unlikely that any new features or shiny upgrades will be coming to its millions of users across the globe.

“The current version, 22H2, will be the final version of Windows 10,” said Microsoft’s Jason Leznek in a post on the US firm’s blog.

Although no new features look set to arrive after this version of Windows, it will be supported until October 2025 which means security patches and bug fixes will be released until that date.

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