‘Dying’ Mars rover makes people cry with heartbreaking farewell message to Earth

A NASA Mars rover has shared its 'last words' on Twitter, breaking hearts across the Internet.

NASA's InSight rover, which famously took the first ever 'selfie' on Mars, is due to power down and lose contact with Earth soon.

Its solar panels have been coated in thick Martian dust, meaning it can no longer power itself up anymore.

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But it's a farewell post from the rover's official Twitter account that's really breaking people's hearts, as the robot prepares to shut down for good.

The rover 'wrote' on Twitter: "My power’s really low, so this may be the last image I can send. Don’t worry about me though: my time here has been both productive and serene. If I can keep talking to my mission team, I will – but I’ll be signing off here soon. Thanks for staying with me."

Twitter users were heartbroken by the post, sharing memes of people crying and messages of condolence.

"I'm not crying about a robot you're crying about a robot," wrote Brett Banditelli.

"Hurts more than my last breakup" said another user.

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Emma Hayes of the account @giraffeand1half wrote: "Even if it's only a robot, it's an honorary member of humanity. I would argue that it's symbolic of humanity itself. Us, launching our little creations into space, hoping to feel closer to the chaotic and beautiful universe we know so little about. Rest easy, my friend."

Others were less sentimental. "How come nobody at NASA has invented windshield wipers yet?" wrote Twitter user Fankoosh, referring to the fact the robot's solar panels have stopped working due to Martian dust.

The spacecraft was first announced 10 years ago, and its goal was to help discover how Mars was formed. The craft discovered that the red planet has 'Marsquakes', just like Earth.


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