Watch out Google! Sky new launch offers useful upgrade for your home

Google’s Nest and Amazon’s Ring gadgets are being rivalled by an all-new service from, Sky. The firm, which is famed for its TV platforms, now wants to offer a way to keep an eye on your property thanks to the launch of something called Sky Protect Smart Home Insurance. This new service isn’t just about getting a payout when something goes wrong with Sky trying to stop disasters from happening in the first place.

That’s all thanks to its insurance plan featuring a swathe of Nest and Ring-style smart devices that can watch over every corner of your home.

In fact, customers taking out this new package will receive a bunch of devices including a video doorbell, indoor camera and motion sensors.

To give some added peace of mind, Sky also bundles Three leak detectors as well which will send alerts the minute they sense a drop of water around them.

Just like most smart home gadgets, all of these devices connect to the Wi-Fi and then send instant alerts to a dedicated app on smartphones. That means users can see exactly what is going on in and around the home when they aren’t there. Live footage can also be viewed in real-time. 

Sky is boasting that its whole Protect Smart Home Insurance plan will be simple buy and easy to install. For example, the new video doorbell is fully battery powered so doesn’t need wiring into the mains and there’s even a wireless chime included so you’ll know when the Amazon or pizza delivery has been made.

Should the worse happen, this package also features full home insurance as well thanks to a partnership with Zurich. Again, Sky promises that has removed the hassle of signing up for a new policy. Unlike a lot of providers that require endless questions to be answered, this plan can be set up in a matter of minutes.

There are also other benefits including no charges for paying in instalments and longer 24-month contracts so users won’t get hit by higher prices after a year.

Once the policy is in place, the tech bundle is then sent out with customers getting cameras and sensors, worth £250, without paying any fees. This kit can even be kept if the insurance plan is cancelled in the future.

Speaking about the new service, Stephen van Rooyen, Chief Executive Officer, Sky UK & Ireland and Chief Commercial Officer, Sky Group, said: “At Sky we have a heritage in entering new markets and shaking them up, and we’re about to do the same with home insurance. We already make people’s lives easier at home through our TV, broadband and mobile services and with Sky Protect, we’ll be able to take the pain out of home insurance.

“From a simpler quotation process, to value you can see every day, to great tech, all working together in the Sky Protect app. We believe people deserve better when it comes to home protection – so we’re going to give it to them.”

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