‘I died after car crash and saw Snoop Dogg emerging from light to kill me’

A car crash survivor has said she "saw Snoop Dogg" while she was "clinically dead", with the acclaimed rapper "trying to kill her" in her vision.

Marrianne Rooprai was left fighting for her life after a horrific car crash following on from a wedding reception, and was announced "clinically dead" on three occasions.

Placed into an induced coma, Marrianne's months-long recovery was not without its celebrity cameos, with Snoop Doggy Dog himself appearing in her unconscious visions with his entourage.

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Speaking of her near-death experience to LADBibleTV, Marrianne said: "I could see a light from a door, like a back entrance to a club, and I have no idea why this person was here, I just can't work it out, but it was Snoop Dogg.

"He had his entourage of people with him, and they were looking to kill me. But I remember the fear, and I was so scared. I tried not to make a sound, I didn't want to breathe".

Her brief encounter with a vision of the Drop It Like It's Hot hitmaker came close to when Marrianne found herself regaining consciousness after a crash which crushed her C2 vertebra at the top of her spine.

She described the incident as "peeling away from the wall" as though she were "stuck with Velcro".

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Involved in a car accident in the summer of 2004, Marrianne spent months on the road to recovery as her family watched on.

She was put on a ventilator to keep her breathing and was also placed in an induced coma where she was "quite touch and go" for some time, especially with the severity of her injuries.

The Rooprai Spinal Trust, which supports those affected by spinal cord injuries, was established after Marrianne pushed through her physical recovery.

Its site reads: "Able to take back some control, Marrianne threw herself into her recovery and visited the physio and occupational therapy rooms at every opportunity to push herself and her body."

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