New Mercedes E-Class looks good on the outside but look at the inside

Mercedes has just lifted the lid on its new E-Class which will glide onto roads later this year with a refreshed body styling and hybrid engines which promise over 60 miles without using a drop of fuel. The new look also reduced drag and makes the entire range feel a little more futuristic thanks to styling that takes inspiration from the German firm’s EQ electric vehicles. However, it’s when you step inside that things really appear to shine.

The new E-Class comes fully loaded with the latest technology including a giant “Superscreen” that stretches right across the whole of the dashboard.

This massive display isn’t just there to look good either with owners able to use it to play games, watch the latest blockbuster movies, scroll through TikTok and even make work calls to the office via Zoom. There’s even a built-in selfie camera so you can be seen whilst chatting online to your colleagues.

Of course, all of this tech only works for drivers when they have safely stopped on the side of the road but Mercedes has included a clever function to keep passengers entertained on those long journeys from A to B.

The part of the Superscreen that sits in front of the passenger seat can be used whilst the car is in motion with sensors automatically blocking what’s being shown from the driver so they don’t get distracted.

Should you pull over to watch a family flick, the car’s ambient lighting reacts to what’s on the screen. For example, fast sequences of beats can cause rapid light changes, while flowing rhythms can create softly merging lighting moods.

Other internal innovations coming to the new E-Class include AI which is able to learn routines and do things automatically.

So, if you pull up to a barrier every day on the way to work, the car should learn this and know when to wind the window down to grab a ticket.

You also won’t need a key as the car uses your phone to unlock itself and start the engine.

This Digital Vehicle Key can even be shared with family members for specific times in the day with up to 16 people getting access without you needing to be near the car.

Of course, you can also link up your device for entertainment and maps with the E-Class fully compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

To make sure everyone inside stays comfortable the E-Class gets THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control and Digital Vent Control. This automatically adjusts the front air vents to a desired ventilation scenario and can be done for each seat via the user profile.

Finally, there’s an in-built Anti-Travel Sickness programme and coaching on the car which helps occupants breathe properly and reduces the stress of the daily commute.

The new E-Class is expected to hit roads this summer with the entry-level model starting from around £50,000.

“The new E-Class is even more intelligent, and reaches a new dimension of personalisation and interaction. Thanks to digital innovations, music, games and streaming content can be experienced in the car with almost all senses,” said Markus Schäfer, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Chief Technology Officer, Development & Procurement

“The new MBUX Superscreen, for example, offers a large glass surface that extends to the central display. We have also developed a new compatibility layer that allows the installation of third-party apps. With the new THERMOTRONIC with Digital Vent Control, all nozzles in the front area can be adjusted electrically as if by magic. And with the new routines, the new E-Class can be adapted to personal habits.”

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