Servers down on Tuesday afternoon

Call of Duty servers are down! Console and PC players worldwide struggle to log onto Modern Warfare II and Warzone

  • Players worldwide reported the servers were down on Tuesday afternoon
  • Effected games could include Warzone and Modern Warfare II

Servers for Call of Duty (COD) went down worldwide on Tuesday afternoon, according to player reports.

More than 5,000 US players of the hit first-person shooter have reported the outage to Reports first emerged at 4:30pm.

The outage is believed to be affecting all multiplayer and online co-op COD titles, including Warzone and Modern Warfare II. It applies to both consoles and PC players.

It is a less-than-auspicious sign for Microsoft, which is reportedly preparing to close a deal to purchase COD publisher Activision today.

Activision has not acknowledged the issue on its social media channels. has reached out for comment.

Call of Duty players reported that servers for the smash hit game went down on Tuesday afternoon (file photo)

According to Down Detector, around 90 percent of players facing outages are suffering server connection issues.

An estimated one to 3million people play Warzone 2.0, the franchise’s hit battle royale game, each day.

Modern Warfare II, last year’s remake of the hit 2009 title with the same name, bring in 250,000 daily players.

Older series titles also still boast thriving communities and regular player bases that could be effected by the outage.

The series has sold over 400million copies since it first launched 20 years ago, making it the most successful video game franchise developed in the US. 

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