psychic goat predicts whether or not Nicola Sturgeon will be arrested

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Billy the psychic goat has issued a series of stunning predictions, including Nicola Sturgeon’s prospects of avoiding arrest. The six-year old has performed for audiences across the UK, using specially designed animal tarot cards. Owner Sue Zacharias, an animal trainer currently working on Ridley Scott’s next film, claims her grandmother was likewise blessed with the gift of foresight, reading tea leaves for war wives in Suffolk in the 1940s.

Together with her two children, Mrs Zacharias lives on a farm in Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders.

Sue was given Billy – who is the size of a Shetland Pony – by a friend, when her previous goat, also a fortune teller, died.

Sue asks those seeking answers to specific questions to sit with Billy and stroke him until they feel ‘grounded’, at which point Billy will pick a card for them, using his mouth.

Billy’s psychic powers have proven “spookily accurate”, Mrs Zacharias said, and in 2019 he correctly predicted one punter would get married and have a family. Two years later the man visited again – this time with his wife and baby.

With the coronation around the corner, Billy was this asked about the future of the Royal Family, Ms Sturgeon’s political future, the English football results, and even who will win the next general election.

With respect to Ms Sturgeon, Billy says that she will not be arrested as part of the police investigation into SNP finances, a verdict which may come as some relief to the 42-year-old former Scottish First Minister.

Billy also dealt a double-blow to Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, claiming his beloved Arsenal will be pipped to the title by Manchester City, as also that he will miss out on becoming Prime Minister.

Billy also dashed hopes of Princes Harry and William resolving their differences – whie predicting the Harry and wife Meghan will stay together for the long haul, brushing aside any prospects of divorce.

Ms Zacharias said: “People come and they stroke him first, they need to calm down and feel grounded.

“I have tarot cards especially for animals so he will choose a card with his mouth. It’s often incredibly accurate.

She explained: “I was doing tarot readings with my previous goat, and when he died Billy picked up the baton.

“He’s hugely popular, when people see him they can’t believe he’s a fortune-telling goat.

“They sit down and stroke him and have their fortune told.

“We do all these big live shows, we are like a group of story-tellers. It’s like a festival and a farm here.”

Sue began doing tarot readings ten years ago, and sometimes uses the cards for her own guidance.

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Traditional tarot decks include such disturbing cards as Death, the Devil, and the Hanged Man – but Ms Zacharias uses ones with animal illustrations instead.

She added: “We have got people not wanting a deep or serious reading.

“The traditional tarot cards can look a bit daunting with cards like the Hanged Man.

“I like people to feel comfortable so we use animal tarot cards instead.

“Once the person has stroked the goat for a while, they put their hand on the deck of cards and choose which one feels right – or Billy chooses it for them.”

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