UFO frenzy as mystery glowing orb seen soaring past ISS on live feed

UFO enthusiasts are in meltdown after a "sun-like" orb was seen zooming past the International Space Station.

Scott C Waring, who shares an interest in extraterrestrial matter, caught a glowing orb hovering past the International Space Station when he was watching the clip on NASA.

Posting on his YouTube channel UFO Sightings Daily, he noticed a "mini Sun" coming into the camera frame from the right at a distance.

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It continued its path past the station before disappearing off camera.

Scott said in the clip: "This really didn't look like the Space Dragon capsule, it didn't look like a satellite, it didn't have windows on it, it didn't have flashing lights on it.

"It has its own powerful, yellow glow that's unbelievable. Look at that, it's like a mini Sun.

"It reminds me a lot about the UFO that flew over Dome of the Rock in Israel, remember that? There were like six or seven different video footages from different areas, from different tourists.

"That's like this UFO.

"The surface of it is just like a Sun, it's just like the one over Dome of the Rock and it is right next to the Space Station today.

"There is no explanation for this after than it being a UFO."

Some fans were convinced that it could be an alien craft, with one saying: "This looks legit, the surface is kind of morphing or undulating."

A second wrote: "I think it could be an alien craft. It's going by its own trajectory and emitting its own colour.

"It's shinning strongly, some kind of extra-terrestrial orbit."

Scott added in the captions: "This UFO is giving off its own light, it reminds me of the Dome of the Rock, in Jerusalem back in 2011."

The footage 12 years ago showed a glowing ball of light hovering over the famous mosque in Israel's capital.

Ex Ministry of Defence worker Nick Pope previously suggested the 2011 sighting that it could be a "very well-planned and coordinated hoax".

He added: "The way it shoots up in to the sky suggests it is unmanned, because no living thing could survive those kinds of G-forces."


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