Tattoo app Tattoodo launches with free event with FREE tattoos

Tattoodo has just launched and fans of the app can get involved this coming weekend, from April 21 to April 23, at their first-ever Tattoodo Flash Weekender. Tickets are available now, and they’re completely free – but act fast. 

Tattoodo is an app aimed at tattoo lovers who may need some help in finding their next artist. With more than 3,000+ UK tattoo studios, finding the perfect artist for your dream design can seem like an impossible task – and that’s where Tattoodo comes in.

By connecting prospective tattoo artists with their customers in a no-stress situation, Tattoodo is the perfect way for both inked stalwarts and newcomers to the hobby to figure out what they want next. 

The company is kicking off its massive opening weekend with a free ticketed event in Shoreditch High Street, London, this weekend – from April 21-23.

Tattoo fans can grab tickets to the event HERE, where they can grab free tickets to the event that is sponsored by Sailor Jerry rum.

Tattoodo’s Flash Weekender event will include drinks, music, merchandise, food, and competitions

But perhaps the most exciting part of the Tattoodo Flash Weekender is that the event is being attended by ten incredible artists who have designed tattoo flash sheets. These designs will then be tattooed on approximately 100 lucky event attendees – FOR FREE.

These tattoo designs have been drawn up with speed in mind (taking approximately 30-45 minutes) to allow the artists to get as many tattooed as possible. But act fast! These tattoos will be delivered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

“Tattoodo is all about helping people find the right artist and making sure they have a great experience getting their next tattoo,” Johan Plenge, – Tattoodo’s co-founder and CEO – said.

Tattoodo is out now, and you can grab tickets to the free Tattoodo Flash Weekender event here.

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