Missing child found in minutes using ‘looking loudly’ TikTok method

Ms Piper said the play space had “lots of little nooks and crannies” and that her daughter Lily was going between the different areas.

While chatting with another mother, Krista lost sight of Lily. Beginning to panic, she said she started yelling her daughter’s name but to no avail.

Ms Piper said she recalled how a “lightbulb went off” and she remembered a TikTok she had seen about a mother who had lost her child in a supermarket and instead of calling out the child’s name had called out what they looked like.

Instead of shouting Lily’s name, Ms Piper said she started yelling “Little girl, pink shirt, pink Minnie Mouse shirt!”

The method worked and other mothers reportedly began shouting out the same description. Ms Piper said Lily was spotted in minutes.

Ms Piper said on reflection she should have added other details to the description of her daughter but those few details were all she could think of at that moment.

Ms Piper said: “If you ever lose your child, or dog or anything, yell out their description, raise your voice. You know, I probably looked like a crazy person, but it got the job done.”

Fellow parents praised Ms Piper for spreading the word and agreed it was a better method than just shouting a child’s name. One person said: “Yes! Yelling their name doesn’t help because no one knows what Sally looks like, but they can pick out a three-year-old in a pink shirt and blue jeans.”

Another wrote: “This is such incredible advice and any parent’s worst nightmare. So thankful for mums pulling together to help find her. Good job mamma![sic]”

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