Henry VIII and how he would have looked today shown in new AI image

The likeness has brown eyes and thin eyebrows with ears without ear lobes.

As well as updating his face, the AI has also updated Henry’s clothes, replacing the furred collar and shirt with a grey suit and red and purple shirt.

The picture received positive responses from Reddit users who commented on the change in facial hair and how he would have voted. One wrote that he looked “like a taxi driver that calls everyone love (where to m’love?)”.

Furthermore, the picture sparked substantial debate on Henry’s physique. Just like the original painting, the AI recreation portrays Henry as overweight.

However, while Henry was notoriously obese in his later years, an image which has stayed with him after his death, in his youth he was a very successful athlete.

As a young King, he excelled at jousting, hunting and real tennis, a game considered by some to be a ‘sport of kings’.

Reports suggest Henry was particularly talented at jousting, even going so far as to organise his own tournament at Greenwich in 1517.

While he was successful at the sport, where one rider tries to knock another off using a lance – a long wooden poll – it was the sport that ultimately caused his weight gain.

Henry had to retire from the sport after suffering a heavy fall at a tournament in Greenwich in 1536.

Unable to exercise following the accident, but unwilling to change his appetite to compensate, Henry began to gain weight, a factor that would cause his health to suffer in later life.

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