Sick university student air fries baby chickens and broadcasts it on Instagram

A university student is being investigated after he allegedly cooked live baby chickens in an air fryer whilst broadcasting live on Instagram.

The unnamed University of Louisville, Kentucky student teased followers with the caption "how to make fired [sic] chicken, stay tuned for end result" as he seasoned the live animals.

The Louisville Courier Journal reported that the young man then cooked the chicks, with other clips showing a dead chick hanging from the ceiling and another chick in the microwave.

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The University of Louisville issued a statement on Saturday (April 9), condemning the apparent actions. An investigation is reportedly ongoing and the police have been informed, the uni added.

“We are aware of an off-campus incident regarding a UofL student and alleged actions of animal cruelty,” it said.

The student, reportedly from the university's engineering school, allegedly claimed the animals were in fact robotic.

“We take reports of occurrences like this very seriously. After hearing about this off-campus incident, the university immediately relayed all relevant information to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.”

One student, Sarah Devers, told WDRB that she called the police after seeing the images.

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“It just gives you a grimy feeling, like I feel wrong for being able to see it,” she said.

Animal rights advocate Rebecca Eaves warned that the student's issues could "escalate".

“One thing that we always have to remember is there is a direct link from someone who will take innocent creatures and torture them,” she said.

“There is a direct link to other forms of cruelty, and it will escalate.”

Reacting on Twitter, one man said the student showed "serial killer vibes".

"His house should be searched, who knows what else he has done," added a second person, while a third said: "Life in prison should do."

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