iPhone users urged to make key settings change and ‘never miss a call again’

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    We've all been there—you thought you put your ringtone to full volume but still somehow manage to miss someone ringing you.

    This is particularly frustrating if you've been waiting all day for an important call, such as from the doctor's surgery or a job interview.

    Fortunately the Apple experts at iDropNews have put together a few tricks for iPhone users that ensure you'll never miss a call again.

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    The most obvious first step is to select a custom ringtone for your contacts. If you don't know how to set a custom ringtone on iPhone, it's pretty easy. Head to the Contacts app, pick a contact, tap Edit, then scroll until you see the 'Ringstones' or 'Text tones' sections.

    This should allow you to set a custom ringtone for a specific contact so you know exactly who's calling you without having to check your phone.

    It's a great way to know who you need to pick up for—or ignore completely—whether it's your partner, your mother, or your dentist.

    Every iPhone comes with a handy 'Do Not Disturb' mode to minimise or mute notifications when you're busy. But there's an easy way to ensure you don't miss anything. The Emergency Bypass feature makes sure that calls from specific contacts get through to you even when Do Not Disturb is activated.

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    To enable this, you just have to follow the same steps as you would to set a custom ringtone, but just toggle the Emergency Bypass feature to green. Once you've chosen a vibration pattern and tapped 'Done', your changes will all be saved and applied.

    Finally, there's a fantastic way to keep on top of your notifications if your phone is muted or on silent. The iPhone can send you notifications using a flashing LED light on the camera flash, allowing you to keep up to date even in a noisy environment where you can't hear the ringtone or text alert.

    Head to the iPhone Settings app, scroll down to Accessibility, tap Audio/Visual, and then toggle 'LED Flash for Alerts' on.


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