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All of the major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have hiked prices in recent weeks with some bills going up by as much 14 percent. In fact, those using suppliers such as TalkTalk, BT and EE are now facing costs that are 14.4 percent higher than they were at the start of the year. It’s a record-breaking rise and if your new bill is making you wince then there it might be time to switch to something new.

Get FREE broadband for 3 months

£20 £0 View Deal

For a limited time, Three is giving away its broadband bundle for three months! Yes, really. You can get super-speedy Wi-Fi in your home for free – saving £60! Powered by a fast 5G network, this Wi-Fi connection offers download speeds of up to 100Mbps. There’s no set-up fee and a 30-day no quibble moneyback guarantee too!

Average speeds: 100Mbps | Unlimited download allowance | Contract length: 1-month rolling, or 24-months

Three Mobile is currently dishing out speedy internet access without charging a penny for the privilege. Yes, for the first three months of the contract things are totally free.

It’s a tempting deal but, to take advantage, you will have to make a change to how the web is beamed through your walls.

Unlike most ISPs who use a fixed line – such as fibre or copper cables – to pump broadband into homes, Three uses its 4G and 5G mobile signal instead. This means there’s no annoying installation with the firm simply sending out its router in the post and the customer simply plugging in the box and switching it on.

Things are also pretty fast. If you have 5G in your area you can expect to see average download speeds of over 150Mbps which is actually twice as quick as the current UK average.

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Of course, Three’s signal isn’t that rapid across the whole of the country but the firm has got an online coverage checker on its website where you can see how good (or bad) things are in your street.


It’s also worth noting that even if you order the router and find it’s not good enough, Three offers 30 days to send it back and end the contract.

As we mentioned earlier, the free broadband offer lasts for the first three months with things then going up to £20 per month which is still cheaper than most of the telecom firm’s rivals.

Want to know more? Check out the Three deal here.

If getting broadband across the airwaves doesn’t sound enticing and you’d rather stick with a fibre line, there are some other offers worth checking out.

Sky currently has speedy 500Mbps broadband for the same price as its 128Mbps plan and BT is offering the first five months for half price on some of its bundles.

Virgin Media is also running a sale event with customers able to get six months for half the usual price. has been online shopping and found all the best broadband deals. Check out all the best and latest offers here

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