Elon Musk’s massive windscreen wiper uncovered in major Tesla Cybertruck leak

Fans of Tesla have been gagging to see the Cybertruck's massive windscreen wiper in action for months.

Thanks to one sneaky drone pilot, now they can—as a video has surfaced of Elon Musk's electric pickup truck wiping like crazy.

The video, shot by Brad Sloan, shows the Cybertruck being tested in a wind tunnel at Tesla's Texas Gigafactory.

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The clip shows the wiper moving and managing to clear most of the windscreen, although not all of it. This has led some fans to question whether the Cybertruck windscreen will ever truly be clean.

It's the most recent footage we have of the Cybertruck and likely the closest we'll get to seeing a final product before the official launch.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously said that the Cybertruck's massive wiper has been the biggest headache in terms of developing the vehicle, mainly because of how big the windscreen itself is.

Musk said: "The wiper is what troubles me most. No easy solution. Deployable wiper that stows in front truck would be ideal, but complex."

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Tesla fans have expressed their own opinions about the Cybertruck's gargantuan wiper. One fan said: "How the heck else are you gonna clean the windshield? Lasers were a funny option. This is what has to happen. I will get over it like everyone else. I JUST WANT IT NOW!!!!!".

The £30,000 electric Cybertruck was first unveiled in 2019 and sent car fans into a frenzy over its large size and unusual cyberpunk design.

At the vehicle's reveal in 2019, Musk said: "Trucks have been the same for like 100 years. We need something different and we need sustainable energy now."


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