Philips Hue Go Portable Table Lamp review: A bright idea

If you want a stylish and portable light that can even be taken safely outdoors then the Hue portable table lamp really shines.

What we love

  • Simple set-up and easy charging
  • Good battery life
  • Can be used outside
  • Hue app offers millions of colours

What we don’t

  • Modern design won’t suit all tastes
  • No way to check battery life
  • Pre-set effects can’t be customised
  • Expensive

The Hue Go Portable Table Lamp is a really bright idea. This mobile device features an in-built power pack which basically means it can be moved around your home without the need for annoying wires.

It’s perfect for setting the scene during a romantic dinner for two or lighting up a dark corner of a room where there might not be a plug socket.

Its water-resistant design also allows it to be taken outside which makes it perfect for the upcoming summer nights – especially if the British weather offers the usual daily dose of showers.

Although its sleek modern styling won’t suit more traditional homes, it looks really smart plus it’s ludicrously easy to use. Simply pop it on its charging dock during the day and it will be ready to glow when the sun goes down.

Like all Philips lights, it’s powered by the Hue app which lets you change the colour of the in-built bulb via a simple tap on the colour palette.

A button on the top of the lamp also cycles through numerous effects including different colours, a bright white and even the flicker of candlelight.

The Hue Go portable table lamp is a really nice idea but at over £130 it’s massively expensive.

We took delivery of the white model which looks sleek but it’s a bit weird that the charging base is black. It would also be nice if we could dig into the settings and switch the pre-set options – controlled by the button on the top – to our own styles but that’s not possible. There’s also no way to see how much power is left in the tank so you can’t check if the light is about to go out.

However, despite those niggles, this is another great addition from Philips and if you want a stylish and portable light that can even be taken safely outdoors then the Hue portable table lamp really shines.


  • Set-up and design
  • Battery life and charging
  • Hue app
  • Price
  • Hue Go portable table lamp: Verdict
  • Hue Go portable table lamp: Full review

    Philips Hue remains a top choice for lighting up your home and now there’s another addition to this collection of colour-changing home accessories. The new Hue Go Portable Table Lamp does what it says on the tin with this device lighting up any part of the home thanks to its in-built battery. It’s also weatherproof for outside use and can be controlled via an app on your phone.

    So is it any good or just a very expensive glowing gimmick?

    If you’ve been thinking of investing in a new way to add some colour to your rooms here’s what we think of the Hue Go Portable Table Lamp.

    Set-up and design

    If you already have some Philips kit in your home then the Hue Go Portable Table Lamp is a breeze to set up. Simply turn it on, launch the Hue app and find this new light in the settings.

    It’s as simple as that. If you don’t have any Hue lights then things will take a little longer and you’ll also need to invest in a Hue Hub (£50) as this is how all of the firm’s lights connect to your smartphone and other devices such as smart speakers.

    We already have a house full of Hue and the whole setup process from start to finish took well under five minutes.

    Once you’re all linked up it’s time to pop the lamp wherever you fancy as, thanks to its in-built battery, it can be taken anywhere in the home.

    The unfussy design is very modern and, whilst we have no issues with its styling, we’re not entirely convinced everyone will like it. Some visitors to our home have loved the minimalist appearance while others have turned their noses up saying it looks a little cheap and nasty.

    We took delivery of the white model (it also comes in black) and really like the look of it. If your home has a modern and minimalist feel the Hue Go Portable Table Lamp will fit right in.

    There are also some nice touches including a button on the top which turns things on and allows you to whizz through pre-set effects. There’s also a removable grip on the stem which makes sure it doesn’t slip through your fingers as you move from room to room and it has a nice weight to it which gives a premium feel.

    Of course, everyone has different design tastes and it might be worth heading to a local store and seeing the Hue Go Portable Table Lamp in the flesh to make sure it will fit in with your decor.

    Battery life and charging

    Philips has made it ludicrously simple to fill up the battery. You simply plug the included dock into the wall and then place the light on top. That means there’s no fiddling with sockets or trying to attach tiny USB-C cables to get the battery topped up.

    Once things are full you just lift the lamp off the charger and head anywhere in the home. It really is incredibly hassle-free and that’s important as the minute things get complicated you are way less likely to charge it.

    Boosting the battery is undeniably uncomplicated but we do have one small criticism. No matter which colour lamp you choose (black or white) the charger only comes in an unsubtle dark design. It’s no deal breaker but it’s a tiny bit odd that things don’t match and we’re guessing people who order the white light will be a tad disappointed when they open the box and find a black charging base inside.

    No matter which colour lamp you choose (black or white) the charger only comes in an unsubtle black design

    Once the battery is fully refilled you’ll get around 48-hours of usage depending on the settings. Whack things up to full brightness and it won’t last anywhere near as long as a lower subtle glow.

    We’ve had no problems leaving the lamp shining bright all night via the power pack and it’s worth noting that the light can also be switched on when sitting on its dock.

    Battery life really is impressive but there is one massively annoying oversight. Unlike many battery-powered products, which show a percentage level, there’s no way to check the amount of energy left in the lamp. This means you’re never quite sure when the glowing bulb is about to leave you in the dark. Let’s hope this is fixed in a future software update from Hue,

    Hue app

    The Hue app makes all of the firm’s light super easy to use. Via this application, you can turn things on, change the colour and even set the device to come on at different times of the day or night.

    Favourite scenes and shades can also be saved and, if you set up a Hue account, there’s also the option to control the whole home when you are away.


    Philips Hue lights are not cheap and Hue Go Portable Table Lamp continues that tradition. Pop this portable light in your online shopping basket and you’ll face a bill of £139. That’s a lot of money for a lamp.

    That said, these devices will last for years and if you use them every day to add some glow to your home it’s probably not a bad investment.

    Hue Go portable table lamp: Verdict

    If you want a versatile light to add some style to your rooms then the Hue Go Portable Table Lamp is worth considering.

    This battery-powered device will add atmosphere to even the darkest corners of your home and, thanks to its weather-proof design, can even be taken outside.

    It looks modern, is super simple to use and will easily keep glowing for an entire night without needing to go near a plug.

    The Hue app makes it a doddle to switch colours and styles and there are the usual daily timer settings so your home will be glowing brightly as you return from the office.

    We really like the Hue Go Portable Table Lamp but its sleek design definitely won’t appeal to everyone and there are some other minor niggles.

    The pre-set lighting button on the top can’t be customised, there’s no way to check battery levels and the charging dock only comes in black – even if you buy the Go Light in white.

    At £139 it’s also pretty pricey.

    That said, if you love Hue lights and want a light that offers the ultimate flexibility then the Go Portable Table Lamp is pretty hard to beat.

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