Bloke finds ‘lost’ earphones in stomach as music began playing inside his body

A man in China got the shock of his life when he awoke having fallen asleep with his wireless earphones in.

The man, known by the online pseudonym, Xiaoyong, told Chinese news site Houlang videothat on April 6 he woke up from at around 3am to go to the toilet, but noticed one of his earphones was missing.

He decided to blast some music connected to the headphones to locate the missing earpiece but was aghast when the music began playing from inside his body.

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It turned out he had somehow swallowed the earphone in his sleep.

A prompt trip to the hospital at around 4am, confirmed via an x-ray that the earphone was located inside his abdomen.

Bizarre pictures from the X-ray show the small device lodged inside him.

While waiting at the hospital, the man documented his strange complaint and played music via his earphone to his followers online.

A popular song commonly heard on China's TikTok equivalent Douyin could be heard coming from inside his body.

According to Xiaoyong, the doctor's prescribed him some drugs to allow him to empty his bowel.

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In the event that it doesn't go through as planned, Xiaoyong said he would have to have surgery to have the device removed from his intestines.

The strange event will no doubt make some think twice before falling asleep with wireless earphones in.

And such an event is not unheard of.

In 2021, a man from Massachusetts was concerned he might have swallowed his Airpods.

A doctor poo pooed his claims but gave a precautionary X-ray.

"Well, I’ll be damned,” she said.

"On the screen was a cartoon-clear image of my ribs and, parked between them at 45 degrees, the unmistakable shape of the missing AirPod," Bradford Gauthier said.

Gauthier was then taken to the endoscopy centre where the AirPod was sucked back out using a tube with a lasso attachment.

"It was extremely uncomfortable, but I was sedated and so only half awake.

"A few minutes later, I was given the AirPod in a neat little bag," Gauthier added.

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