Freak four-legged chicken almost ‘bullied to death’ by others birds

A four-legged chicken had to be moved to a different home after two-legged birds nearly bullied the oddity to death.

With a rare condition known as polymelia, the chicken born on a farm in North Queensland, Australia, was picked on by the rest of the flock.

Other chickens pecked at the spine of the four-legged creature, prompting owner Jess Leeming to move the bird to a different home.

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Polymelia, a condition that leads to the growth of extra limbs, has affected the bird and can also affect humans in rare cases.

In the hopes of finding a new home for her four-legged friend, Jess took to social media and sent out a plea for someone to pick up the animal.

She wrote: "I have a four-legged (yes, four-legged) young hen that needs some TLC if anyone is interested? She has a large sore where the end of her spine has been pecked and I think her days are limited unless someone with experience takes over."

Jess has since explained to Daily Mail Australia why she believed her chickens were attacking the four-legged animal.

She said: "Chickens have a tendency to peck at anything different or new."

Although the chicken was born with four legs, it did not appear to bother the animal and Jess was left "unsure if her internal systems will be able to pass eggs".

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The rare deformity sees chickens born with an extra limb or two, with this particular fowl finding itself with two hind legs to go along with its regular pair.

Local wildlife carer Olive Needham has since taken the four-legged fascination in after Jess noted the animal needed "specialised care to help her heal".

Olive said the chicken may need surgery to fix the issue, the Courier-Mail reported.

Social media users were elated by the chicken, with one saying: "A chook with four drumsticks, surely worth a fortune."

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